Do Cows Get Annoyed by Flies? Learn How to Keep Flies Off Cows

There's a lot to look forward to in the summer months for humans. Your cattle don't have it so easy. Instead of cookouts and Fourth of July fireworks, summer for a cow means flies- a lot of them. The University of Minnesota tells us that nuisance flies are typically most active from May to October in northern regions, and are active year round in warmer climates. Let's look at whether cows are actually bothered by these pests, and then how to keep flies off cows.

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  • Do Cows Get Annoyed by Flies?
  • How to Keep Flies Off Cows
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Do Cows Get Annoyed by Flies?

In a word- yes. Flies are a huge nuisance for your cows. Cows are absolutely irritated by fly feeding behavior. Because of this, they can become very stressed this time of year. They may also become restless and spend less time lying down when under heavy fly pressure. A prolonged exposure to this type of fly irritation can even lead to a decrease in production. In fact, Janna Block, Extension livestock systems specialist based at NDSU's Hettinger Research Extension Center. "Irritation caused by flies leads to behavior changes and can reduce the amount of time spent grazing, which can result in weight loss and decreased milk production. Additionally, flies are a factor in the transmission of diseases such as keratoconjunctivitis (pinkeye) and summer mastitis." 

How to Keep Flies Off Cows

Yes, flies are annoying to cows. More than that, flies are responsible for a significant amount of lost production, thanks to decreased weight gain or lower milk yields. You don't need to just let this happen, of course. You can battle the flies with through-feed.

JustiFLY is the solution you're looking for. Your cattle eat the mixture as feed, and it goes through their system. Eventually, it passes through the cow and sits in the field as manure. When flies try to lay eggs in the cow's dung, the insect growth regulator (IGR) larvicide prevents this. This breaks the life cycle, making female flies unable to lay eggs in the manure of the cows who have eaten it. 

Order JustiFLY Online 

The secret to knowing how to keep flies off cows is simple. You need JustiFLY! The product is a great choice because the cattle don’t have to be handled in order to achieve fly control. Simply put it in feed, mineral, or salt, and the animals ingest the larvicide. Then, it passes through the animal and starts to work in the cattle manure where flies lay their eggs.

It could not be any more simple for you! Go ahead and order your JustiFLY today. The summer months are almost here and you don't have much more time to prepare for your battle against annoying, problematic flies.