Don’t Overlook the Dung Beetle

Do you ever wonder why we take pride in the fact that our product is safe for the dung beetle (Digitonthophagus gazelle)? 

Although many know that they feed on manure, they enhance soil structure and more. 

According to Michelle Thomas and Omar Rodriguez at NCAT, these beetles help reduce survival rates of flies and parasites. 

Since parasites, flies and dung beetles share a common breeding ground, it becomes a competition, where the beetles damage the eggs, therefore breaking the life cycle. 

Cattle manure can reduce available acreage by five to ten percent and manure left on the surface loses up to 80% nitrogen, according to Thomas.

The forage may be available, but the cattle tend to avoid eating where there is manure, therefore the beetles positively impact grazing.

Dung beetles also can increase nitrogen availability for plant use as organic matter is left behind.

Is the dung beetle showing up on your operation? If not, you could be missing out on a very important part to enhance your pasture ecosystem. 

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