The Best Feed-Through Fly Control for Cattle

A farmer who grows corn and soybeans would never let pests ruin his crop. Just the same, cattle farmers must battle horn flies, face flies, house flies, and stable flies on behalf of their herd.

"Left untreated, these pests can cause significant losses in production," says Janna Block, Extension livestock systems specialist based at NDSU's Hettinger Research Extension Center. "Irritation caused by flies leads to behavior changes and can reduce the amount of time spent grazing, which can result in weight loss and decreased milk production. Additionally, flies are a factor in the transmission of diseases such as keratoconjunctivitis (pinkeye) and summer mastitis." 

We encourage you to treat your cattle with feed-through. Not just any treatment will do, though. You want the best fly control for cattle. Let's look at your top option right now.

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  • What is Feed-Through?
  • The Best Fly Control for Cattle
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What is Feed-Through?

A few flies inside your house can be swatted or sprayed with insect repellent. You can't do that for the millions of flies in your cattle pasture. These blood-sucking flies feed up to 30 times a day. This constant biting and nagging causes pain and stress to the cows, reducing the cattle's weight gains by as much as 20 pounds. That is why the best fly control for cattle is a feed-through. 

This product is an insect growth regulator (IGR) larvicide. Available for use on farms, it effectively treats horn flies as well as disease-caring face flies, biting stable flies, and nuisance houseflies as well.

Your cattle eat the mixture as feed, and it goes through their system. It doesn't actually begin to do its job until it passes through the cow and sits in the field as manure. When flies try to lay eggs in the cow's dung, the insect growth regulator (IGR) larvicide prevents this.

The Best Fly Control for Cattle

The best fly control for cattle is JustiFLY! You simply mix one add pack with one 50-lb. bag of free-choice minerals. Pre-mixture guarantees uniform dispersion in the final feed product. The cattle ingest the larvicide as the feed on the treated mineral. It passes through the animal and starts to work on flies in the cattle manure. This breaks the life cycle, making female flies unable to lay eggs in the manure of the cows who have eaten it. 

Place the mixture in feeders close to water and/or resting areas. You can watch a helpful YouTube video here that goes into further detail.

Order JustiFLY Online

Now that you know the best fly control for cattle is JustiFLY, the only thing left to do is order yours. We recommend you use one feeder for 15 to 20 head of cattle. If you have any additional questions or concerns, we're always here to answer them.