The Continued Importance of Fly Control in Winter

Because cattle flies, like many insects, thrive in warm environments, it's natural for people to associate their presence more with the warmer seasons than with winter. This mindset may lead some cattle producers to believe it is okay to pause their fly control routines during winter. But is this way of thinking correct?

The answer is not necessarily straightforward. In many cases, cattle fly control should be continued throughout the year, including during winter. Consider how options such as Champion Animal Health's JustiFLY© can help you in this endeavor this winter and all year long.

Seasonal vs. Year-Round Fly Control

Your peak fly control efforts should indeed occur during spring, summer and early fall. During this time, warm temperatures create fertile environments for flies to multiply. And as flies multiply, so do the risks they pose to cattle (we'll talk more about that in the next section). 

Still, it is incorrect to assume you can halt your fly control efforts because we have passed the calendar's official winter start date. Fly control is much more closely linked to local climates and temperature trends than to the four seasons proper.

For example, in cooler climates---New England, the midwest, the Rocky Mountain states and the pacific northwest---Champion Animal Health recommends using your full slate of fly control at least from April to October. By comparison, fly control should be used from February to December in southern California, the southwest, Texas and the deep south.

In any case, no real reason exists to slacken or terminate your fly control efforts seasonally. First, flies can be present throughout the year, so stopping your fly control may leave cattle dangerously exposed. Additionally, failing to keep up a routine may make it easier for flies to quickly re-infest your cattle's environment once the weather starts to warm. Therefore, creating a long-term and stable fly control strategy can help you stay ahead of the game.

JustiFLY Feedthrough - Optimized for Year-Round Fly Control

When flies are present among your cattle, they can spread diseases and cause significant animal stress. Besides carrying diseases and bacteria like pink eye, flies can also cause them to become distracted, annoyed, tired and uncomfortable. As a result, cattle may lose weight, their milk yield may drop, and they may become less productive overall. 

For you, these problems can create significant financial challenges that may affect your ability to turn a profit on your herd. That's why it is imperative to use proper fly control year-round. Champion Animal Health's JustiFLY products are a great solution.

While there are many fly control solutions on the market, JustiFLY feedthrough products are among the most reliable and practical for year-round use. Eaten by your cattle as part of their usual feeding routines, feedthroughs will enable you to control flies within one area that is very attractive to them—the cattle's manure.

JustiFLY feedthroughs contain insect growth regulator (IGR) larvacides which are not harmful to cattle but are to flies. When cattle consume the IGR, it passes through their systems and is deposited in their manure. When flies lay eggs in the waste, the IGR inhibits the formation of the larvaes' exoskeletons, preventing them from hatching into healthy adults. Doing so breaks the flies' lifecycles, making it harder for flies to reproduce and cutting down on the fly population near your cattle.

It is possible to use JustiFLY products throughout the year. Doing so can save you valuable time in your feeding routines. If you opt to only use feedthrough sporadically, you may have to recalculate rations each time you add or remove the feedthrough. This can cause a lot of hassle, cost variations and lost time. So, keeping JustiFLY products in your cattle feed year-round can cut down your stress levels, not to mention protect your cattle from significant stress as well.

Implementing a year-round fly control routine doesn't have to be difficult when using JustiFLY products as part of your feeding routine. Save yourself some time this winter and keep your cows happy and safe by making fly control an ongoing process.