What is an IGR?

- Insect growth regulators (IGRs) are insecticides that mimic hormones or inhibit chitin in young insects.

- They disrupt how insects grow and reproduce.

- IGRs can control many types of insects including fleas, cockroaches, and mosquitos.

- Although they are rarely fatal for adult insects, they can prevent reproduction, egg-hatch, and molting from one stage to the next.

- Over 40 different IGRs on the market.


Why should I use a feedthrough IGR?

- Saves time, money and labor.

- No need to work your cattle.

- No cattle stress.

- No manual labor.

- It passes through the animal’s system leaving no residue, so no withdrawal period is required for beef cattle and no milk disposal required for dairy cattle.

- Gets the next generation of flies, not just the adults.

- Maintains its effectiveness throughout use.


What species is JustiFLY® approved for?

Currently JustiFLY® feedthrough is approved for use in cattle. Champion Animal Health has many products in the works for other species, which we will be seeing in 2021. 


What is the active ingredient in JustiFLY®?

The active ingredient in JustiFLY® is Diflubenzuron. It is a chitin inhibitor and works by changing the development of the fly in the larval stage. 


How much does it cost to feed JustiFLY® products? 

JustiFLY® products are inexpensive to feed. The cost ranges from $0.03 to $0.07/hd/day depending on the size of the animal.


Why choose JustiFLY®?

- Active ingredient Diflubenzuron controls ALL FOUR species of flies that affect cattle

- Very safe

- Dung beetle safe

- No withdrawal period for beef or dairy cattle

- No milk disposal


When should I implement fly control?

The general rule is to start feeding JustiFLY® 30 days prior to fly season, then feed throughout summer until the first frost. For the northern US, fly control is needed from about April through October. The middle states, fly season starts about March and goes through November. If you live in the southern US, fly season runs from February through December. But wherever you live, if you are seeing flies, it's time to put out fly control.


Why do we need to control flies on our cattle?

Stress-causing nuisance

- 18% less weight gain

- 15% to 20% decrease in milk production Cause of blind quarters in nursing and dairy cows Disease transfer from cattle to cattle and cattle to humans Huge economic impact on cattle industry


How much of an economic impact do flies make on the cattle industry?

Flies cause a loss of over $4 BILLION dollars to the cattle industry. That is an average of $45 per cow.