JustiFLY®  0.67% Diflubenzuron Premix - 50 lb

JustiFLY® 0.67% Diflubenzuron Premix - 50 lb

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  • Developed for distributors and feed mills
  • Breaks the life cycle of horn fly, stable fly, house fly and face fly

  • Costs less than 6 cents per head per day

  • Approved for pasture and feedlot cattle, and both beef and dairy cattle

  • Dung beetle friendly

  • Reduces animal-handling stress. No withdrawal period. No residues. No resistance issues

  • No more dust bags, ear tags, sprays, pour ons

  • For continuous use throughout fly season

  • Cattle simply ingest the larvicide as the feed on the treated mineral. It passes through the animal and starts to work on flies in the cattle manure.
  • Approved for lactating cows – No milk disposal issues, no withdrawal period

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